Are School Consultants Effective in Indian School System

Disclaimer: I am part of a consulting company which specialises in setting us CBSE, ICSE, IB, IGCSE School as a School consultant. The name of my School Consulting Company is The Lok Associates & Educational Consultancy Firm

So now the question is about hiring School Consultants to build your own school. How much of it is worth?

Starting a school and managing it is not a rocket science. If one understands the sector, is specific about the goals the orgsaintion is going to strive towards, good on project management and has an eye for creatives and detail should become a successful promoter.

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How to get Digital Signatures for CBSE Affiliation

For the first time after SARAS has been introduced, schools have been asked to submit their application authenticating with the Digital Signatures. Kindly read my post about how to get CBSE Affiliation here. So how does a school get Digital Certificate.

The board on the SARAS website is asking for Digital Signature in the form of .PFX or .P12 file

So lets understand what is Digital Signature, what are the kinds and what are .pfx/.p12 files?

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